An Ode to the Past Years

I picked up my pen to write about life.

Rummaging through the memories I had, of the experiences in the recent years, I couldn't decide what to write about and what to leave.

To those who were kind, forgiving and there through thick and thin, I can't thank enough. God reaches us through them. Then He calls some of them back, like to my friend Nabeela.

Of those who abandoned, stabbed, judged or harmed in anyway, I speak no ill and wish a fast recovery.

When my fluctuating self couldn't decide,

I put my pen down and gave up the idea.

Here's to the years of unfaltering, perpetual and incessant journey. 

Here's to another year of learning and longing. 2017.

~ Contemplation Over the Night Sky

Like the moon borrows its light from the sun
To shine bright at night in front of everyone

And at times in the sky it hides,
Away from everything, affecting the tides.
And it is dark...
But the stars in the night sky,
Small and distant.
Always around, aligned, pleasant.
They shine on their own,
Mountain to a stone.
Little spark.
I gaze at the night canopy,
Wondering who i can be...
The sun?
The moon?
I'd rather be the star, small and distant.
But lights on its own.

- via Karina Jamandri

I came across this poem and loved it. Poet's analogy of a star with respect to life appeals me to a great extent. However, I am tempted to share that I have liked moon and why I have, for this I am going to share what I had written about it once, staring at it one serene night:

"Moon has scars 
But its light outshines them. 
Stars have light and the fanciness in the way they shine
Their cuts, their fragility..
 But moon outshines them.
Even though a simple round ball like.
Just like moon's light outshines th…

~ Thoughts on Heart and Mind

Only the impoverished hearts are enshrouded in Pride
And backbones, as if of steel. Stiff: They fear break and bent.
So walk away. You will find peace.
A mind that thinks cannot be caged. Freedom to choose on what to think and believe is its oxygen. It will rather be destroyed than be imprisoned. 

Strange Acquaintances

Lessons are not learnt in a class room. Nor do they stop coming when we graduate or post-graduate. This world is an institution, more or less. And we come across people who teach us great lessons.
Some experiences have altered my view of perfection, heroism, beauty and leadership.
I have met some, to whom I didn’t even talk. I don’t know who they were, where did they come from and what were their circumstances but I call them my acquaintances, and they are among my heroes. I want to write about them today:

It was a beautiful evening in San Francisco. The fancy Yacht was swarming with people, all dressed up. Tables were full of a variety food and desserts. I could hardly try a few of them, they were so many. It was so beautiful. Finally, like everything else in this world, that party came to an end. The Crew bid us all a warm farewell. Everyone was happy.
When I got off, and was walking to the exit, a guy coming from a distance caught my attention and I wondered Allah has blessed humanit…

On Nuclear and Weapons


Mirrors and Masks

Mirrors and Masks Not longer they last
Mirrors I thought, Fell off as masks. Masks I thought, Fell pieces apart. Looked into it; I saw Broken figure so raw Collected and composed Then I chose to walk.
Away from... Mirrors and Masks Not longer they last.

~ Iqra
~ Masks are a dark reality of the world we live in. We must guard against them ~

Vitamin Sea - Sri Lanka